The more I do art, the more I have come to realize that much like myself, my artwork is constantly evolving. Initially, my focus has always been realism, but lately I have found that the literal, or the obvious, just doesn’t quite cut it for me anymore! This became more apparent when I completed a Master of Arts in Art Therapy and began working with individuals in crisis. People are complex, as are their emotions, and no one’s life is ever as tidy as it may appear on the surface. Thus, my artwork remains just as raw, messy, chaotic, prayerful, exuberant and hopeful as I can be on any given day of the week!

Most of my recent work consists of paintings, mixed media pieces and re-envisioned found objects. I have found that the eclectic nature of my material selection has allowed for a more authentic expression of my felt emotions in my work. I select materials based on intuition and feeling-states and place a higher premium on the process over the product. I believe that when you start with the process of art-making, the product will always come. My work products seek to embody the phrase, "Beauty from Ashes."

If you're an art lover, I have several pieces that are available for immediate sale as an original or print. Also if you are interested in commissioned artwork, I accept commissions on a case-by-case basis.